The bread and fish of life


Late in the day, his disciples came to him and said, …“Send them away so that they can go to the surrounding countryside and villages and buy something to eat for themselves.”

He replied, “You give them something to eat.”

But they said to him, “Should we go off and buy bread worth almost eight months’ pay and give it to them to eat?”

He said to them, “How much bread do you have? Take a look.”

After checking, they said, “Five loaves of bread and two fish.” ~Mark 6:35-38 (CEB)

“We can never forecast the path God’s energy of rescue will take. It is never any use saying to God ‘I am getting desperate! Please answer my prayer by the next mail and please send a blank check.’ God will answer but not necessarily like that; more probably God will transform and use the unlikely looking material already in hand- the loaves and the tiny fishes- looking up to Heaven and blessing it and making it do after all. A priest was once asked if many miracles happened at Lourdes. He said, ‘Yes, many; but the greatest are not miracles of healing but the spiritual miracles, the transformation of those who pray desperately for cure of this or that and come back, not physically cured, but filled with peace and joy, surrendered to the Will of God, conformed to the Cross.” ~From The Light of Christ by Evelyn Underhill

Some days I do not like the word “transformation”. Those are the days that I want my prayers answered now. Other days I see the beauty in the process; the growth in the journey. On those days I can value the twists and turns of life. I can’t help but still dream of “blank checks” or “get out of jail free cards” but life has taught me to see that help does come more often at what I have already in hand. I just have to remember to “take a look”.

Thank You Lord, for the “loaves and the tiny fishes” in life. May I remember to value more the transforming power that You send me as I sort through my steps for this day. Help me to remember to listen to Your nudges for which path to take. Amen.

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