“I called out to the LORD in my distress, and he answered me. From the belly of the underworld I cried out for help; you have heard my voice. ~Jon. 2:2 (CEB)

“It is, I believe, this discovery of our own radical powerlessness for good and potential for evil that causes us to be identified with the crucified Christ. The details vary for each individual: they may concern the governance of one’s own life, bringing up one’s family or one’s work for the Church. Instead of being filled with the power of the Spirit we find ourselves empty and resourceless, victims of our own weakness and quiet possible, the objects of others’ disapproval. Generally one’s first solution is to work harder, trying to demonstrate competence. The situation deteriorates further. What we need to do is take the powerlessness as a basic premise, and use this as a fulcrum to lift our hearts in prayer toward God.” ~From Toward God by Michael Casey

Life happens. My best laid plans, my best organizational skills sometimes fail me and I find myself in over my head. I was prepared but then life knocked my feet out from underneath me…  one of “those days I tried my best and yet failed.” Now I find myself just trying to pick up the pieces and get through the day.

Today Lord, I find myself out of energy. I turn to You in this moment, to the Source of my energy. Fill me up again Lord so that I may continue to run the course. Amen.

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