Our reason for being alive

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All of God’s promises have their yes in him. That is why we say Amen through him to the glory of God. ~2 Cor. 1:20 (CEB)

It is so easy to get swept up in thoughts of “Why am I even here on earth?” “Why do I even exist?” Especially during difficult times I can wonder if I even have a purpose. These are self-centered thoughts, a clue that I do not have my focus on God. When my eyes are turned to Him I am reminded that I am here to be His hands and feet to the world. Through Him, I do have a purpose.

“When Luther wrote, ‘Faith is the yes of the heart, a confidence on which one stakes one’s life,’ he was saying faith is a response of the whole self to God. It is not just our words: the creeds we confess, the prayers we pray, the way we argue our faith, or what we say in teaching our children. It is not just our works and deeds; our faithful attendance at church, our participation on committees, or our acts of love toward others.

This yes is an inner assent of the will. It is a willingness to receive the grace and the guidance of God. It can be so deep and far-reaching as to cause a real conversion of life, a real repentance, a turning around to go in a completely new direction. It always involves, says Luther, the daily death of the person we have been in order to fulfill our reason for being alive; to accomplish God’s will in our time and place.” ~From Faith, the Yes of the Heart by Grace Adolphsen Brame

Heavenly Father, in the season of waiting, help me to remember that I am here to be your hands and feet. Propel me forward this day, turn my eyes from self so that I may see Your will for me this day. Help me show Your compassion to those I meet this day. Amen.

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