More than I am

Send your light and truth—those will guide me!Let them bring me to your holy mountain,to your dwelling place. ~Psa 43:3 (CEB)

I cannot spell. In my early years I was told I “was lazy”; I might “have some dyslexia”; “artistic people are naturally not good spellers”; or that I probably “didn’t hear sounds correctly”. But the simple fact is probably somewhere along the way I didn’t learn the rules of spelling. If I had learned these rules it would have been easier to spell words even if I wasn’t born a natural speller.

Sometimes I treat the “rules” from the Bible in the same way. I am just too lazy; I feel that it will stifle my creative spirit; I am afraid it will cramp my life style; or maybe I won’t understand what has been written. These are lies that Satan feeds me. But what is the real truth? I know what happened when I didn’t take the time to learn the rules for spelling… and grammar. I became conditioned into thinking that I was not good at writing.

In my junior year of High School I had an English teacher who looked past my inabilities and saw my capabilities. She saw me as I was, a poor speller who did not grasp the rules of grammar, but she didn’t let me stay there. She pushed my creativity and helped me wrestle with how to line words up in a way that made more sense.

I think that we can get conditioned into believing that we are incapable of doing things right. We get trapped in Satan’s lies. Thank goodness God accepts us where we are in life but He doesn’t leave us there. He brings us up out of our misunderstandings and confusion, guiding our steps to walk in truth. His boundaries are meant to give us Life.

Lord, I want to truly live. Help me hide your truths in my heart so that I may feel the freedom and confidence of being a child of God. Help me step out of my conditioned self-concepts and learn to be more than I think I am. Amen.

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