To reflect His image

God created humanity in God’s own image, in the divine image God created them, male and female God created. ~Gen 1:27 (CEB)

We are made in God’s image.The Bible tells us that God is love. It also tells us that God is a creator. While most of us acknowledge some ability to love, many think that we possess no capacity for creativity. I have met many people who think they lack creativity because they cannot make art, but they can create a lovely meal from scratch or conduct a meeting where opposing constituents work out a compromise. Karla M. Kincannon in her book Creativity and Divine Surprise reminds us that “Creativity is so much more than art making. It is a tool for navigating through everyday experiences to find the sacred in the God-given moment. Those who believe they lack creativity have relegated it to remote regions of their life, burying it under the need for security, approval, and control. However, like love, which is stronger than death, creativity does not die; it simply waits to be unearthed and set free.”

Set me free O Lord, of any insecurities that live deep in my heart. Help me to reflect Your love and Your creativity in all I set out to do. Inspire my work, fuel my creative energy and send music for my soul. May my plans Honor Your plans for us. Amen.

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