Behold, God is my helper;

the Lord is the upholder of my life.

~Psalm 54:4 (CEB)

“Who then is not wise [one], and endued with knowledge among you? Let [this person] resolve this day, this hour, this moment, the Lord assisting, to choose in all the preceding particulars the ‘more excellent way’: And let [this one] steadily keep it, both with regard to sleep, prayer, work, food, conversation, and diversions; and particularly with regard to the employment of that important talent, money; let your heart answer to the call of God, ‘From this moment God being my helper, I will lay up no more treasure upon the earth: This one thing I will do., I will lay up treasure in heaven; I will render unto God the things that are God’s: . . .all my goods, and all my heart.’” ~From Sermon 89” by John Wesley

Almighty God, grant me the wisdom and the resolve to live for You this day. Help me to lay up my treasure not here on earth but in heaven. Amen.

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