Living out the good news

Who will harm you if you are zealous for good?  But happy are you, even if you suffer because of righteousness! Don’t be terrified or upset by them. Instead, regard Christ as holy in your hearts. Whenever anyone asks you to speak of your hope, be ready to defend it. Yet do this with respectful humility, maintaining a good conscience. Act in this way so that those who malign your good lifestyle in Christ may be ashamed when they slander you. It is better to suffer for doing good (if this could possibly be God’s will) than for doing evil. ~1 Peter 3:13-17 (CEB)

“Any serious attempt to practice a simple but radical discipleship is certain to bring opposition today. We, as Wesley before us and as the saints before him, also know the struggle of internal and external opposition. In a time when division, violence, lust, and greed are the acclaimed way of life, the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the attempt to live out that gospel will stir up opposition within and without.” ~From A Wesleyan Spiritual Reader by Rueben P. Job

Help me this day O Lord, to stand against any opposition that might come my way. Especially bolster me if that opposition comes from within me. Help me to do good this day. Amen.

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