Why spend money for what isn’t food, and your earnings for what doesn’t satisfy? ~Isaiah 55:2 (CEB)

“Seeking God first is not just good advice; it is the only way to joyful and faithful life in companionship with the One who made us and loves us without limit.

When I saw my first airplane as a child, I knew at once that I wanted to fly. I became a farmer, student, pastor, husband father and still wanted to fly. Throwing caution and common sense to the wind, I joined a flying club and soon was ready for my first solo flight. I will never forget the thrill of breaking the bonds of gravity. When the aircraft broke free from the ground and slowly climbed, I was bursting with the joy of realizing a dream I had nurtured for a lifetime.

Flying still holds a thrill for me, although I have not had the controls of an aircraft for over thirty-five years. When flying club members asked why I quit flying, I responded then, ‘I would rather fly than eat, but my children would rather eat.’ It is costly to fly! Several decades later, I realize something else was going on: a growing love and desire for God and a growing awareness of stewardship. I still look up when a light place of flight passes overhead and for a moment feel the sensations of flight, but then I rejoice in the companionship of the One with whom we can all break bonds holding us down and rise to heights greater than we imagine. ~From A Guide to Prayer for All Who seek God by Rueben P. Job

I am a gadget person. I love technology. There is are times when the latest and greatest tempt me. But it isn’t always good stewardship to rush out for the next thing that catches my eye.

Heavenly Father, help me to seek You in all things. Help me to seek You first. Amen

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